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Hirdetés neve (pl.: családi ház):BALTECH GmbH – the repair of pumps, service pumps, alignment of pumps, vibration pumps
Repair of pumps (service pumps) is a periodic procedure that is executed by the service unit within the set deadlines to improve the reliability of the pump in the next operating period. Pump repairs can be made by outsourcing a third party or by the Department chief mechanic (repair station), part of the enterprise. Repair of pumps must always be for the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency. Effectiveness is the provision of operational technical characteristics of the pump for further trouble-free operation. Very often the repair of pumps (service pumps) is only possible for planned repairs, and not to improve its reliability.
Repair of pumps (service pumps) must always increase efficiency, reduce power consumption, increase the pressure, the pressure and the volume of the pumping fluid per minute or per hour.
In accordance with the concept reliability Technologies" (Reliability technologies), developed by the company BALTECH, the frequency of repair of the pumps is set according to the plan schedule of planned preventive maintenance or to schedule service pumps at service strategies according to actual condition, and the volume of repair of pumps installed in the passports of manufacturers of pumps depending on the MTBF. Repair of pumps (service pumps) can be of different sizes: medium, current or capital. Warranty repair of pumps shall be made of the service engineers of the manufacturer using centraview BALTECH SA-4200 and alignment metal repair of calibrated plates BALTECH-23458N (new). Alignment of pumps is a very important stage of maintenance work. After performing a warranty repair of the pump manufacturers representative must write additional warranty, prolonging the life of the pump for a minimum period of six months.
Before repair of pumps (service pumps) must always be undertaken to control the output (to measure the vibration of the pump) with the help of experts from the technical service Department of BALTECH, or on their own w
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